Geicher is divided into three units. Our brand and strategy development unit carefully selects client tasks and projects that present a real challenge and an opportunity for real innovation, as our satisfaction comes from being able to deliver excellent results on difficult client briefs.

We dissect every client brief and provide the best strategic options for clients to reach their target audience, engage and follow through with highly successful conversion rates.

The team focuses on:

  • Project Management: Creative Design, Artistic Direction & Full Execution
  • Brand & Product Development
  • Political Strategy Consultation
  • Event Planning & Coordination
  • International Market Entry & Expansion
  • Crisis Management



How do you feel when you get a call at 2am, all the way from Los Angeles, expressing that an appearance needs to be arranged for Kim Kardashian in London, and contracts need to be drawn up by the start of business (in a few hours)? Answer: You get out of bed and get to work!

Getting the contracts done in record time was no easy feat, but it was far from the hardest part. We then got into negotiations between the venue and Kris Jenner. That wasn't bad enough, the legendary Hollywood publicist, Jill Fritzo was brought into the mix. This was of course not our first time dealing with Kris Jenner's demands, but it was my first time dealing with Jill, whom I had admired for years. Here is the thing; Jill is notorius for knowing exactly what she wants and making sure she gets it, and Geicher Creative Hub is a little known agency that doesn't stop until it gets what it wants. Unstoppable force, meet immovable object.

The play was simple. All we had to do was make sure everybody saw a personal reason why this project made sense, and why our terms needed to be met. The project was a success, thank God!



Sometimes, we are led by all of the deep calculations we have made over and over. We need some sort of proven mathematical or analytic justification before we make decisions. Other times, we are just led by the spirit. The latter was the case for this very interesting project. Hollywood veteran actor, Isaiah Washington (Grey's Anatomy, Romeo Must Die, Blackbird) had just discovered his Sierra-Leonean ancestry, based on DNA evidence. For this remarkable discovery, he was granted citizenship, making him a dual citizen of the USA and Sierra Leone. His next step was to write a book, in order to encourage others to look into their ancestral roots and connect directly with Africa.

We were moved by Isaiah's passion for this project and reached out via Facebook. After just one conversation, we found ourselves in the middle of setting up an editorial shoot for one of Africa's biggest publications with Isaiah as the featured celebrity. He was an absolute pleasure to work with on that shoot, with LA-based photographer, Allen Zaki.



You cannot help but fall in love with everything VIP and Luxury. However, you could be forgiven if you struggle to fall in love with everything that happens behind the scenes, to make these great occasions happen.

We still never got to meet Lewis Hamilton for that all-important photo-op, but hey, we did run the circuit for a few good years. The dinners were amazing, the red carpets had all of the glamour, London, Monaco, Singapore, Brazil... this world is such a beautiful place, and we are glad to be a part of it.

P.s. those F1 cars are the loudest thing in the entire universe!

All in all, we go above and beyond to ensure that clients are served with the best resources to ensure a successful delivery of any and every project.


Cryptiq Creative is changing team of design-focused individuals operating under Geicher Creative Hub. The team focuses on generating content that pushes conversation around brands, using a cross between film and live experiences as a vehicle for impact building.

Our project network consists of highly talented Filmakers, Directors, Architects, Artists, Interior Designers, Furniture makers, Graphic Artists, Artisans and other craftsmen, making us the ideal team to work with on any experiential (marketing) or communications project.



CACAI is an acronym for Conversations About Creativity and Innovation, the journal which launched in March 2018 is a Geicher-run concept which focuses on bringing thought leaders and impact creators to the discussion table. Across several industries, we find new products, people, processes and places that are all part of an ecosystem of impact creation. Our goal is simple; using conversations as a vehicle, we aim to EDUCATE, PROMOTE and INSPIRE.

CACAI also runs a digital journal that explores new and innovative thoughts, events, ideas and products across global markets.