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Geicher Creative Hub is a multi-dimensional creative alliance. 

Initiated as a freelance music and fashion consultation project in 2007, Geicher has quickly grown to become a solid brand with an extensive partner network and an impressive portfolio. Our work now extends from creative strategy consultation to the development and management of branded concepts targeted towards a global audience.

The core of our operations is steered by a dynamic team of forward-thinking individuals who apply a very distinct approach to building sustainable brands and projects that are at the forefront of innovation. Our primary guide is long-term market viability, partner & customer satisfaction and financial profitability.

Staying eagerly abreast of leaps in innovation across several consumer-focused industries, as well as on the needs of the ever more discerning consumer, we aim to make sure that our concepts and contributions bring about a successful engagement between brands and their target audiences.

We are a small team with many years of individual and combined experience, which offers us unique talent and market insights that help us to develop and produce highly engaging concepts for events and other individual projects. As a growing company, we work tirelessly to remain a trusted name. Our desire to realize this dream is backed by a clear vision and a distinctive focus on hard work.